Edge of Elsewhere

Concord, Caledonia. The Landmark City, cleft by the Veil that separates Man from Faery, Here from Elsewhere.

Join Saskia Hawthorn as she enrols at the Royal Academy of Automagic, learns to gather and craft over 300 unique magical items, woos and befriends a large cast of colourful characters and accidentally summons a cute genie prince(??) in this alchemical otome dating simulation game.

Saskia Hawthorn

Our young ingenue, Saskia is excited and more than a little terrified to be starting her magical education at last.


A good-natured genie who was literally born yesterday, Rudraksh is an innocent soul with a lot to learn about the perils of Elsewhere. The literal prince of Saskia’s dreams.

Lorcan Faulkner

A talented mage with a smart mouth and a slight disregard for the rules. His lilting voice and lopsided smile may drive other girls to distraction, but Saskia’s above such things... for the most part.

Jonny Liang

A genius alchemist and sometime student teacher, Jonny Liang is older than he looks. Salesman, alchemist, librarian - Jonny seems to have fingers in more pies than should be possible for a single student...

Roman Neuer

A taciturn trainee knight who lets his skills do the talking. A marble statue come to life. Pleasingly muscular. Employed by a cat.


The elusive King of Crows, Ravenscourt doesn’t even go here.

  • Over 200k words
  • 5 dateable boys and a large cast of side-characters
  • Crafting system with over 300 items to gather and synthesise
  • Keep up with happenings in Concord through text messages, forums and social media pages
  • Fulfil over 100 requests, each with their own quirky messages

Teslim Saati