Dungeon Of Zaar - Open Beta

This game is actually in BETA state and still in development.

Dungeon of Zaar is a competitive tactical game taking place in an ancient and magical Dungeon where Explorers fight for treasures and glory.

On the edge of a magical world, awaits the Dungeon of Zaar, home of the great, eponymous Archmage. Over a century has passed since his last appearance, and now all eyes are on the Dungeon, eager to claim a share of the spoils within.

  • Deep tactical gameplay : Easy to learn, hard to master, it’s turn based strategy to it’s best where positioning and guessing are your best allies.
  • Be creative: find synergies between your troops, build your team, craft items and experiment new strategies without boundaries to find your personal style.
  • Competitive PvP and ranking: Join random players or friends online, get ranked on ladder battles and play for fun or for the competition.
  • No RNG, no cards, just tactics: Don’t let randomness steal your victory, there is no cards to draw and no critical hits!
  • You are the Explorer: Customize your character and your team, level up and express your personality.

Teslim Saati