This game is designed for dota 2 custom game matchmaking and record game data which name is Ambition Of Nobunaga, so players need to download dota 2 and dota 2 custom game. Btw, our server just matched 4 players now because we have not enough testers, we will match 10 players in a formal environment.
How to use :
Step 1: you will see a main screen which include 2 small button call start and profile, 3 large button call normal game, rank game and arranged team rank game and 1 small button call blacker.
Step 2: click normal game or rank game or arranged team rank game to matching the game.
Step 3: if match you can choose accept or refuse this match.
Step 4: you will see a choose hero screen after all players accept match.
Step 5: the match game master will see room password and I already open room button, other player will see wait for somebody open room.
Step 6(only game master): open dota2 then create the custom game room with room password then click I already open room button.
Step 7: other player will see password, open dota2 then join the custom game with password.
this is main function of this app.

Teslim Saati