Delta0: A puzzle game to stimulate your brain!


[1500 Levels]
- 500 Easy
- 500 Medium
- 500 Hard

[200 Achievements]
- Global platform leaderboard

[8 Game Modes]
- Static levels: Easy, Medium, Hard
- Infinite levels: Daily, Quick, Timer, News, Messages/Emails

[Cipher Messages]
- Send encrypted messages to your friends.

How to Play?

[TL;DR] You need to get the same number as what you see in the corner based on the sum of the 3 circles connected by a triangle.

Each big circle contains a number inside.
Each triangle is connected to 3 big circles and represents a sum.

A green triangle means that you have the same sum as the number expected from the corner.
3 small circles will appear when you have the correct sum.
Example: (1+1+1) -> 3 {✔️} (2+0+1) -> 3 {✔️}

A red triangle means that you don’t have the same sum as the number expected from the corner.
The number inside { } represents the delta between the sum you have and the expected value.
Example: (1+0+1) -> 3 {-1 ❌} (1+2+1) -> 3 {+1 ❌}

You can drag and drop each circle between other circles.
The level is completed when you get a Delta0 for each corner (4) (your sum = sum expected).
Don’t forget to check out the Tutorial. It may look easy, but it does require some skill ;)

Teslim Saati