Delicious - Emily’s Hopes and Fears

Fan Quotes

5 STARS: “I don’t normally buy games, but your games are a big exception. Definitely worth the money, because it’s not just talent you bring to the table, but heart as well.”

5 STARS: "I’m so excited to have another Emily game. I just love the story lines and the characters. Thank you for another job well done. I own all the Emily delicious games and cannot wait for more."

Feature List

  • enjoy the 12th season of the Delicious time management game series
  • complete 65 challenging yet curiously relaxing story levels, plus 32 extra challenges
  • jump into an amazing adventure, and help Patrick find the magical flower
  • help Emily hold on to hope in times of uncertainty and fear, and collect presents to cheer up Paige

About the Game

"Delicious - Emily’s Hopes and Fears takes you on an adventure like no other before... During the hottest summer of the century, Paige fights to survive a mysterious disease. While Emily stays unwaveringly by her struggling daughter’s side, Patrick embarks on an epic journey through the blistering cold in search of the only cure: a magical flower… Can he save his little girl? "

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