Delicious - Emily’s Christmas Carol

Fan Quotes

"This game is as excellent as any of the previous Delicious games. The holiday theme is fun, the story is cute, and the graphics are gorgeous. Game play is, as expected, perfect. Thanks for another excellent game!" - Medb

"what an awesome game this is. beautiful scenery,awesome characters, brilliant music, a delight to play this game captures all the magic of Christmas and more. I got so engrossed in the game that it left me wanting to find out more of the story. I would recommend this one to everyone!!! keep em coming game house you are awesome!!!" - Ace9980

"The people who make the Emily series know how to keep the games new enough to keep them fresh, but they also keep some of the game the same to where it makes you feel as if you are spending time with an old friend. Another Emily game that I knew I would be purchasing before I even played it. Thank you Blue Giraffe and Game House!!"

About the Game

Enjoy Delicious, the award-winning cooking story game series! In this wonderful Christmas tale, Emily plans a family trip to a cute little cottage for the holidays. Everybody embarks northbound on the Miracle Express, excited for an amazing adventure. However, they soon discover someone else is already living in their cottage... What are you waiting for? Bake a big batch of cookies, nog an egg, and settle in with a hot drink to warm up your Christmas spirit!

  • ENJOY THE 14TH SEASON of Delicious
  • RUN YOUR DINERS and serve food in a variety of kitchens in 61 story levels and 31 extra challenge levels
  • DASH THROUGH 6 wonderful Christmas locations, and cook many dazzling dishes in exciting time management levels
  • COLLECT DIAMONDS to invite the entire family to Paige’s school play
  • ENJOY HIDDEN OBJECT ELEMENTS and see if you can find all mice

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