Deadly Desert

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About the Game

Deadly desert is a story of two men, a young boy and his disabled father. It all started with an unfortunate accident in the middle of Nevada desert. They warped off the road to shorten the route to camping. Unfortunately, their car broke down on the way. They were waiting a long time for any help and then decided to take life in their own hands. Since then, they have been stuck with each other and put to test of survival in extreme conditions. A very hard task awaited Will, who would not only take care of himself but also of his disabled father.


You have to be observant in order to survive to protect yourself and your dad. Any kind of food and access to drinkable water is priceless. In the game, you will have to look for solutions and create new objects to store resources. During extremely cold nights, you will have to make a fire that will keep you warm. Only in this way you can be in good shape to continue your journey. During hot afternoons, you will have to search for cacti that contain water and try to store them in pre-prepared containers .

Caring for father

You must take care of your dad’s physical and mental condition throughout the whole journey. Every food and drink must be wisely distributed between the two of you. You will have to check the condition of his wheelchair on a regular basis; once you lose it, your chances for survival will be drastically reduced. You have to choose the right passable road so that the wheelchair would not be damaged.

Choose the right road

Choose the right road to ensure the best chance for survival. If you follow the straight line, you have a chance to reach your destination of the map faster, but probably you will not encounter any temporary shelter or you will not be able to replenish your supplies.

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