Duel the Devs!

    Hey Cyberpongers,

    Now that you’ve had your fair share of practice, it’s time to get serious with the first ever Duel the Devs event. That’s right, the time has come to show us what you’ve got in an all out battle to the dea-...end!

    On 5/15 at 5:00pm PDT, the top 10 players on the single player global leaderboards will get the chance to duel us in multiplayer for $20.00 USD Steam gift cards. This event will be streamed live on our twitch channel ( for all to see.

    Come prepared, for only the strong will prevail, or at least the most coordinated. See you in the arena!

About the Game

Enter a realm of cyberspace where hitting digital orbs can gain you ultimate glory! In this retro styled game you are given two paddles to prove what you’re made of. Harness your skills in single player mode and then face off against your friends in multiplayer matches!

Singleplayer Endless Mode

    See how long you can survive the wall of digital cubes. Get bragging rights by getting high scores on local and global leaderboards. Do you have what it takes to be the best Cyberponger out there?

Multiplayer Matches

    Get ready to face off against your friends or use our global matchmaking. These one-on-one matches will test your paddle swingin’ skills to see how good you really are! LAN matches, friend matches, and matchmaking available.

Power Ups

    Collect energy in single player and switch out your paddles with power ups! Manage your energy effectively or you’ll find yourself helpless in the face of incoming cubes!

Teslim Saati