Cube Conflict
Cube Conflict is a free and open-source FPS where smileys are at war without mercy.

  • 20 weapons from the most rotten to the most cheated!
  • 15 stupid classes to play, from the kamikaze to the junkie or the ninja!
  • 6 themed maps, from the moon with reduced gravity to the volcano and its molten lava
  • Dozens of possibilities to customize your avatar with capes, graves, smileys, etc.
  • 100% free, all skins can be unlocked while playing!

Weapons you said?

Little guns are for kiddies. Nothing like a portable GAU-8, a little bit of atomic bomb, and a rocket minigun!

Class system

Doctor, Soldier? For newbies. No doubt you would rather be a Kamikaze to blow yourself up and kill all the enemies around you or even a wizard to cast magic spells!

Useful(?) items

Ok, you can die fast, but you should be able to escape death with one power armor and multiple drugs!

Maps (for real!)[/​​h2]
Incredible there are maps on this game! So, everyone knows rocket jump right? Well, try it on the moon.

A lot of skins[/​​h2]
You can look like a badass... or an idiot. But mostly an idiot. Since you’re gonna die (a lot) we added different graves! Like a nice poop for the noobs and gold ingots for the richest players.

Teslim Saati