Crypto Against All Odds

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About the Game

A game about blockchain tech and crypto culture

Crypto Against All Odds is a humorous take on blockchain technology and crypto culture. The game fused blockchain concepts into a fun, tactical gameplay experience that everyone can enjoy. Crypto nerds will enjoy many blockchain references and Easter eggs in the game. New to blockchain? Step right in. We do our best with the in-game tutorials to teach newcomers about cryptocurrencies.

Play with your favorite cryptos, each with their own unique abilities

Each crypto defender is designed with unique ability that fits their respective blockchain technology. Witness Bitcoin’s Lightning Network in action, employ Ethereum’s Plasma power or take advantage of Litecoin’s Reduced Blocktime buff to win the game.

Real-time crypto prices can influence the power of your crypto defenders

The game provides real-time price tracking for each crypto. Moreover, these price fluctuations will also impact each crypto’s power and consequently your strategy.

Customize your defender squad along with fiat powers

Multiple skill trees to unlock in-depth customization for your crypto squad. Combine various crypto abilities and tactics to build the ultimate defense against any blockchain threat.

Base building mechanics

Build and upgrade your central hub between missions. Each upgrade is not only cosmetic, but will grant additional features or even introduce an entirely new game mode!

Other features

  • Crypto arcade mini-games
  • An Endless mode to test your survival skills
  • On-demand music playlist
  • Crypto memes