Crazy Music Tennis
"Crazy Music Tennis" is a music rhythm sports game developed by fantasy technology. It provides high-definition dynamic and hot blood game experience for players who like music and tennis. In this VR game, players can use tennis racket to hit the fast-moving tennis along with the strong and even crazy music rhythm, and at the same time, they have to cross all kinds of pose shaped barrier walls.
Players who like music rhythm games and VR sports experience must not miss this exciting music tennis game Crazy Music Tennis. After entering the game, you will find that hitting tennis closely following the powerful music rhythm is not only a game but also a training. It is a good method for a player to play well and master tennis skills skillfully. Many well-known tennis schools combine music and tennis training, with unexpected results. In the game (training), players play with music rhythm, and at the same time, they should be keen to observe the hitting point and direction, avoid the barrier wall in time by hitting the ball shape, and comprehensively train and improve the sports and coordination ability. The game can choose songs of different difficulty, players can see their score, but also can challenge the leaderboard.

Teslim Saati