Costa’s Classic Cosmic Pizzas

Costa’s Classic Cosmic Pizzas is a wacky 2D platformer about delivering pizza in space and saving the galaxy. Journey throughout the Omnicluster Space Station to deliver within the time guarantee and on limited oxygen supply.

Jump, pick up objects, avoid traps and enemies. Navigate complex levels YOUR way.
Use the environment to your advantage, interact with objects.

Follow along as the story of galactic proportions unfolds in all of its glory. Start as an unassuming pizza delivery person whose only life ambition is to get their minimum wage, but as events unfold, you are hurled into a high stakes game of intrigue, espionage, political power play and a plot to subvert the entire galaxy to a single will.

Do you have what it takes to save the galaxy?... Oh, OF COURSE you do! This is a video game and you are the protagonist! But it’s the journey that matters. Come along for a spin!

Every element of the game, from visuals to dialogue, has been carefully created to make you laugh, or cringe (whichever is more convenient at the time).

Teslim Saati