Chess and Checkers VR
This game allows you to play both chess and checkers in virtual reality, either against the computer AI, or against a friend on the same computer (using desktop screen and mouse). There are 3 AI settings to choose from and the chess board measures 1.5m x 1.5m.

The game can be played both room scale and seated. To play the game room scale, just place your controller on the piece you wish to move and then pull the trigger whilst lifting the piece up. Then place it over a valid square and let go of the trigger, when that square has turned green. To play it seated, you can simply hold the ’Point’ button down and then aim at the piece you wish to select, before pulling the trigger. If playing against a friend on the same computer, then they will need to use the desktop screen and mouse. They can then play by first clicking on the desired piece and then clicking on the valid square they wish to move to.

Teslim Saati