Behind the Horizon
Behind the Horizon

- is an epic role playing game with 50-200 hours of gameplay and a mystical story
- is based on a nature simulation that simulates climate, weather, soil, plants and animals
- is a farm game with crafting and housing
- has a huge handmade very lively and ever changing world
- includes large underground caves and catacombs with traps, puzzles and many monsters
- has 5 weapon types and a complex magic system
- has many residents who go about their daily business and with whom you can talk and who let you participate in their lives

... is a game where you will feel comfortable!


The long version...

Behind the Horizon is an epic role playing game (game duration between 50-200 hours) with farm elements. It takes place in a living world and is based on a nature simulation. The farm part of the game fits harmoniously into the whole game and provides a lot of variety with housing, crafting, animal husbandry and farm decoration. Vast underground areas designed by hand and filled with good and bad surprises offer excitement and challenges.

Behind the horizon offers a long mystical story away from "Hero saves the world". Rather it is about discovering one’s own nature and the nature of the world. The community of Woodhome and the contact to the inhabitants plays an important role in this.
All residents have their own daily routine, which also changes with the seasons. There are craftsmen, traders, artists, a café and a restaurant and all live in a friendly community together. You can talk to all the residents and many have small or big tasks, or can do something for you. From time to time there are decisions to be made which can have consequences for you and the world. Of course there is also friendship and love behind the horizon, but I will not reveal anything about it now.

The Nature Simulation makes sure that no game is like the other and that the landscape changes every day. The weather and the seasons are also simulated and have a direct influence on nature and the player, and there are catastrophes and special events in the simulation that can dramatically change the landscape again and again. Plants grow and sow, trees die and give the soil its nutrients. The soil continues to develop and becomes more and more fertile. So the world is constantly changing.

More than 50 cutscenes that advance the story or breathe life into certain moments. These include events such as learning new skills as well as visions and information about the main story. The story itself is told in 5 chapters. In the beginning the focus is on survival, working on the farm and exploring the world. Afterwards the story picks up more and more speed and finally ends in one of two possible endings.

There are hundreds of items, which you can find in the dark dungeons, buy from merchants, or make yourself. Potions, spells, all kinds of food and many other useful items can be made on the farm. There are numerous recipes for the decoration of the house and farm, and many items can also be bought from local traders.

Also magic is not unknown in Behind the Horizon and the study of the nature of magic is a central point in the story. There are more than 30 different spells that can be used for combat or on the farm.

The combat system has 5 weapon types and the corresponding skills must first be learned from inhabitants of the world. Huge underground caves and dungeons with traps, labyrinths, treasures and many surprises await you. There are various boss enemies with sophisticated mechanics. In total there are over 25 different monsters with many unique abilities.

For Farming there are many cultivated plants and also ALL wild plants and trees available for cultivation. Animals can be kept in enclosures or stables and small, helping companions are also available. The harvested plants serve on the one hand for own nutrition, for cooking and making magic formulas and on the other hand of course to get the coins to be able to buy stuff from the local traders.

How the mix between Farming / RPG / Exploring Caves and Housing looks like is up to you, but it should be said that you can have a lot of variety. Just wandering through the nature after a season is over, is always exciting. To see what has grown, what has died, how the course of the river has changed, or where the quality of the earth has improved.

Teslim Saati