Balloon Popping Pigs: Deluxe
Balloon Popping Pigs has fun, challenging, and rewarding gameplay with an addictive "one more try" feel.

You have 3 balloons to stay a float. With each one lost you’re in greater risk of danger. The longer you survive the clock ticks down and the only way to add more time is to pop balloons! Collect coins to take all pigs to the sky! Each pig has its own unique style that lets you say who you are.

Balloon breaking gives you points and extra time on your journey. The more balloons you have means the higher your jump. Collecting 200 points rewards you with a star balloon to replenish a balloon if you need one or give you a full minute on the clock. Every 1 minute spawns a double point balloon.

2 Player Mode

New to the Steam version, you can play 2 players simultaneous with either 2 controllers or one player using WAD keys and the other player using the up, left and right arrow keys.

What’s Deluxe

- Easy, addictive, gameplay
- Steam Achievements
- Leaderboards
- Trading Cards
- Full 360 Controller Support
- 2 Player Modes
- More enemy variety
- More Backgrounds
- Catch the cake bonus
- Easy mode and right only mode (where enemies only come from the right)

Teslim Saati