Aurum - Unified Extendable Work & Gaming Overlay
Welcome to Aurum!

What is Aurum?
Imagine you create your own computer menu which you can call anytime while playing and work.
You can quickly switch the audio device, display device, search for a game guide etc. basically we try to include everything a gamer and windows user would like to have on the screen at once.
It supports custom themes (having its own designer), and has an addon system for any future custom extensions (we are listening).

You can design a surface where links, files and games are next to each other, creating your personal computer workflow frontend. Handy with projects too.

You can connect hotkeys to basically anything on windows then. Showing and hiding the whole panel is ultimately efficient if you can assign a hotkey to your mousebutton, making to connection to the mouse an efficiency game changer.

Themes as well as addons can be shared in the community hub. (This is the only manual feature as of now, but there will be an integrated gallery in future.)

Developing an addon
An addon can be any kind of widget or function you can imagine.
Custom addons can be created with the free Visual Studio, WPF and C#. You simply add the dll to the project and create a new GUI.

Current State
Aurum incredibly comfortable in gaming, and its main effort is to make you forget the downsides of the windows interface.
There are multiple to at least one updates a month, bringing small to bigger features to make it interesting. We are interested in other gamers needs with such a system, so if you know what’s needed, let us know.

Teslim Saati