Andoran Skye 1.5
Andoran Skye 1.5 is the huge new update of the original Andoran Skye released back in 2013. Dive into the world of Andoran once again with an all new 2.5D art style. Your goal is to tame the entity that harbors itself within the center of the planet. These entities are known as Skyes. Mortal beings practice a sacred art taught by guardians. Only they can tame the Skye into submission. These mortals are Staff Wielders: Generational warriors that step up to take charge. As you explore the world, you will face many obstacles leading up to the ultimate challenge: A vicious tyrant ready to steal control of the Skye before you do. Forget what you know about turn-based RPG. Andoran Skye 1.5 focuses on real time battles so you can stay in control 100% of the time. Whether you are using Chain Techniques to cut an enemy off or deflecting attacks, expect to be kept on your toes.

Teslim Saati