Amira And Their Honor:A Story-driven adventure game tackling the topics of honor and freedom, it tells the story of a young happy girl, who does her best to help everyone around her, never realizing she was a slave until she went deviated her masters intentions, by chance, living, fighting and struggling in an illogical world, that is inhabited by rules and monsters.

Amira lives in a middle eastern fantasy world, with what little care she had as a child, what little information and education she received as she grew she realized how little she knew about her surrounding world, but she knew one thing, she wanted to be helpful for those around her, to be needed and wanted, thus her trip begins exploring this world and helping those around her.


  • Explore A Unique World: dipped with fantasy and middle eastern culture, from jinnis to traditions and rules, unique mini stories that give extra scenery and more details on how the world came be.
  • Action Packed Battle: Fight hordes of enemies and defeat bosses switching between melee, and ranged combat in battle, across a variety of fields, tight controls and fluid combat makes it simple to learn while still offering depth for more experienced players.
  • Grow Stronger And Be More Helpful: by finding holy spots receiving blessings, expanding your weapons, and giving them unique forms.
  • Uncover The Secrets: of the world by solving unique puzzles, leading you to new paths, realizing the world for what it truly is.
  • Collect Prayers Of The Dead: and use them as source for your abilities, allowing you to push your way through the beasts, and connecting you to the one you love.

Teslim Saati