Abrix 2 - Brown version
Abrix 2 is an addictive puzzle game for everyone. Try over 170 different levels of puzzles and secrets and help Abrix, a tiny toy robot, to find a way out.

Abrix 2 is a continuation of a hit game Abrix the robot. Now with new graphics and full of new stuff it’s better than ever.

Game features:
  • Try 170+ levels with puzzles on different difficulty levels.
  • Use one of several bonuses like: rockets, bubbles, replicators, and many more. Solving puzzles never was so fun before.
  • Save game in the Cloud Steam or sign in with one password for all platforms (HTML 5 and upcoming Android version)
  • The unique soundtrack and available DLC bonus tracks of electronic music composed by Ree-D.

Abrix 2 is now Free To Play. You can play whole game without any payment. Play free version in HTML 5 on http://www.ejr.com.pl You can also buy lollipops - the in game currency and make your progress faster.

We also prepared special packages. Some of them are created from older versions of game and available for their owners:
  • Basic package (free to play and web versions): get 150 lollipops and 1 booster of every type
  • Brown package (created from Abrix for kids): get 300 lollipops and 2 boosters of every type
  • Silver package (created from Abrix for kids): get 800 lollipops and 3 boosters of every type
  • Gold package (created from Abrix the robot): get 1700 lollipops and 4 boosters of every type
  • Platinum package (not available yet): get 3500 lollipops and 5 boosters of every type

If you have any suggestions or found a bug, please let us know it. Let’s discuss it on the community pages.

Teslim Saati