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Valorant Game Changers Begins!
Valorant Game Changers Begins!

Valorant Game Changers Begins! - Details of the tournament where eight teams competed globally! 🎉

Valorant Game Changers Begins!

Details of the tournament where eight teams competed globally! 🎉
20-11-2022 01:00

Valorant Game Changers Begins!

Dear Valorant players, we have compiled everything you need to know about the upcoming Game Changer Championship event for you in this new.

After a year-long fierce battle and regional competition, the world's most elite Game Changer teams will face off for the first time to determine the world champion! Between 15-20 November, the best teams from North America, Brazil, EMEA, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and East Asia will gather in Berlin to compete in the first-ever Valorant Game Changers Championship, and only one of them is expensive. The invaluable champion will earn the right to lift his trophy!

Tournament Format

Coming to the tournament format, the Game Changers Championship is the first global event of the Valorant Game Challengers event! Hundreds of teams will compete in regional Game Changers competitions for the chance to reach the prestigious World Championship Arena and be the best! 8 teams will compete in a three-game series in double elimination groups before the grand final, which will take place in a five-game series format on November 20!

Teams from the Regions


  • Guild X

  • G2 Gozen

North America

  • Cloud9 White

  • Shopify Rebellion


  • Team Liquid

Latin America

  • KRU Esports

East Asia

  • Fennel Hotelava

Asia Pacific Elite

  • X10 Sapphire

Two Turkish Players in Guild X

At the same time, two Turkish players competed in the tournament. Together with the teams Yağmur "Smurfette" Gündüz and Neslişah "ness" Demir in the Guild X team, they played a total of 3 matches in the tournament. Guild X, who lost 2 of the 3 matches they played, said goodbye to the tournament with the 5th-6th place, winning $25,000 USD in prize money.

Tournament Schedule

In this match where eight teams will compete on a global scale, the program will take place as follows;

Matches will take place on 15-16-17-18 November at 17:00.

On Saturday, November 19, the lower group semi-finals and the lower group finals will take place.

Sunday 20 November Grand Finale!

With this tournament, broadcast spoils are waiting for you! From November 15-20, fans will be able to snatch the Game Changers Championship broadcast loot and keep memories of this important moment in Valorant history. To qualify for loot, viewers must link their Valorant accounts to their YouTube or Twitch accounts and then watch the Game Changers World Championship, which are channels that give loot during match hours and on the final day! Earn the Game Changer title by watching the matches between November 15-19! Win the VCT Game Changers pass by watching the grand finale on November 20! You can collect the loot by watching the tournaments on the official Valorant Twitch accounts. Also, the VPs you need in your own matches are here!

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