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Valorant 5.10 Update Notes
Valorant 5.10 Update Notes

Valorant 5.10 Update Notes - We are sharing the update notes of your very popular game, Valorant. 🎉

Valorant 5.10 Update Notes

We are sharing the update notes of your very popular game, Valorant. 🎉
10-11-2022 01:00

The new update of the world-famous Valorant game offered by Riot Games is expected to arrive on November 15.

It has been reported that this new patch, called PBE 5.10, is available to some exclusive players in North America. In the game, which is stated to be the 5.10 patch of the new update to be used, it is expected that the players will face Fade and Cypher agents-oriented skill changes and bug improvements.The upcoming new patch, which especially concerns players who play Fade and Cypher agents, is of interest to the followers of the game in general.

Since Chamber, one of the new character, is one of the favorite scout, fans of the Cypher agent stated that they wanted to increase the playability of Cypher by increasing his abilities. In order to increase the selection of the Cypher agent, Valorant is working on strengthening Cypher's abilities in this update.

With this new update to Cypher; it is said that Cypher's traps will no longer be broken with the special abilities of other agents. At the same time, it is stated that there will be an increase in the length of the traps that Cypher will set, from 1000 to 1500. In addition to all of this, Cypher's ultimate ability, Neuron Thief, has also been removed from the cast time restriction on corpses. Moreover, players using the Neuron stealer skill will now see their enemies twice.

However, it is stated that Fade, which has a high play rate, will experience a power decrease in its abilities. It has been stated that the Seize ability will significantly reduce the binding time of the opponent and the duration of the effect on the opponent. In Nightfall; Fade's ultimate ability, 8 orbs are now required, not 7 orbs. It is also thought that Fade, who is said to have a significant reduction in her abilities, will still be one of the most preferred agents.

Apart from the important updates to these two characters, it is stated that the bugs in the targeting part of the Harbor agent's ability and the Astra agent's star receiving bugs just before the game starts will be fixed.

Significantly changing the balance of power in these two characters, Valorant offers a few minor map changes and bug fixes in this new patch. It is also stated that there will be an update that will fix some errors such as the color and highlighting of the keys in the game's menu.

In this news, we conveyed all the details about Valorant's 5.10 update. Let us remind you that Valorant players can easily buy the VPs they will need from the ByNoGame-Valorant Points. We wish you good games. 💥

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