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Topic Notes On NttGame About New Server

Topic Notes On NttGame About New Server

Big Improvements About The New Server!🎉
15-11-2022 16:00

Dear Knights, New Servers Are Coming on November 17th

New clans, new adventures and new battles...  ⚔️

Big Developments About The New Server

Registration for the new server does not stop! Recordings exceeded expectations. If you ask which server should I register, the difference between the registrations for all 3 servers is almost negligible.

There is a definite information that there will be 5 channels in each SW. But if there is too much density, there may be the possibility of opening the 4th server.

  • There will be no difference from the old servers in terms of upgrade or drop rates, but Ardream will not be the only difference.

So what awaits us in the new server?

  • First of all, items from Letter cannot be imported to new servers.

  • There won't be 5000 Haze Pots.

  • Entering the drake will not be in the first process.

  • Juraid(JR) will not open for the first two weeks. There will be only Bdw, Chaos, Ft events as events.

If you have not registered, Complete Your Registration Now! Remember, only those who have completed the 1st and 2nd registration will be able to take their place on the new server!

All remaining details about the new servers will be announced after the restart on Thursday, stay tuned!

Everything you need is inByNoGame!

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