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Maserati in Pubg Mobile!

Maserati in Pubg Mobile!

PUBG collaborated with Italian sports car brand Maserati. 🎉
23-11-2022 15:00

Reserve Your Sports Car in PUBG Mobile!

PUBG has entered a new collaboration! PUBG, one of the most popular games in the world, collaborated with the Italian sports car brand Maserati. You will be able to use the vehicles of this iconic brand until December 31st.

Maserati, the world-famous automobile manufacturer, took its place in PUBG Mobile with its iconic sports cars! With this special collaboration, players around the world will be able to use the vehicles of the Italian giant in the Battle Royale arena

Founded in 1914 in Bologna, Italy, the long-established automobile brand is known for its iconic trident logo. Among the cars added to PUBG Mobile;

  • Light and powerful Coupe model of Maserati with 3.0-liter biturbo V6 engine,
  • Super sports car MC20
  • A surprise vehicle, which is an SUV model and can be unlocked with Levante, is waiting for you!

You will be able to learn this surprise vehicle by unlocking it in the game. You will have the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of Maserati until 31 December. Tencent Games did not neglect to share their comments about this collaboration. They stated that they are always trying to offer their players suitable partnerships to enrich the PUBG Mobile experience.

PUBG Mobile head of publishing Vincent Wang concluded by saying that they are excited to help bring the worlds of automotive design and interactive gaming together as the virtual world changes. PUBG Mobile completely changed the balance in the world of interactive entertainment. With these collaborations, it manages to keep the structure of the game alive by regularly changing the gameplay of the players.

Finally, with this collaboration, it brings together sports car and Maserati lovers as well as speed enthusiasts. You can experience the usage by choosing the Maserati you want.

Here are the UCs you need in the game to have these tools! Good games to all of you until we meet in our next PUBG Mobile news!

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