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Exclusive Interview with Levo
Exclusive Interview with Levo

Exclusive Interview with Levo - Levo Returns to Knight Online! 🎉

Exclusive Interview with Levo

Levo Returns to Knight Online! 🎉
17-11-2022 06:30

Here's our exclusive interview with Levent "Levo" Balım, who has a serious fan base, who announced that he returned to Knight Online with his statement yesterday evening!

Hello Levo! It will be very enjoyable to watch you play Knight Online again. What do you think?

-Frankly, I didn't see any progress in this game that I've been playing for years and since my childhood, and I didn't have any thoughts of starting the game again. A game overflowing with old servers +10 +9 items did not interest me after a point, but a new server and a start from scratch… It always excites people, we will try and see.

We're curious about your thoughts on the new servers.

-The new server is always interesting and those first explers, first weapons are very valuable, so new servers usually start many players back to Knight, just like me. :)

Do you think we will be able to enjoy the old Knight Online times?

-I think we should go back to the age range of 13-17 so that we can enjoy it as in the old Knight Online times, unfortunately, the excitement of childhood is not easy to catch in the thirties, but why not? :)

When will you try the first upgrade?

-As long as the Anvil stays there, I think I'll go to him as soon as the server opens. :D

Which server will you play on?

-I'm starting on Felis server and I've opened Assassin character even my nickname is LEVOOOOO.

How do you think the absence of the Ardream map will affect the Ronark Land region?

-Ardream map has always been my favorite pvp map. Frankly, I wish it was, but I think it would be interesting to gather everyone on a single pvp map and it would increase the activity more.

How hard do you think it is that the pots are not easily accessible?

-Maybe we missed buying pots from priests, we will see together.

Will you have special giveaways for new servers?

-Of course, I would like to make at least a few of our viewers happy in this way at a time when the cost of living affects not only real life, but also games, which are our hobbies.

You haven't played Knight Online for a long time, what do you miss the most?

-The thing I miss the most in Knight Online, I think, is the excitement of opening a new character and leveling up with chatting and upgrading our first "loser" weapons that we dropped. :)

Is there anyone you want or would like to play with?

-I would be happy to play with anyone who plays for fun and does not disturb the environment.

We would like to thank Levo for having this nice conversation and sharing his thoughts with us.

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