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God of War: Ragnarok
God of War: Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok - Warning spoiler alert! 🛎

God of War: Ragnarok

Warning spoiler alert! 🛎
22-11-2022 07:00

Kratos… Atreus or Loki… A legendary game, a legendary story…

We are talking about a series that everyone has been playing for years, and those who cannot play have watched since its release.

God of War: Ragnarok is undoubtedly the best game of 2022, whether it's gameplay, story progression, the emotions of the characters give us, the editor's comment…

Now that we're praising the game, we can dig a little more into its story. In this article, we will examine our game without giving too many spoilers. Let's start! The last game ended with a scene that we watched in confusion, in which everyone was speechless. Kratos, who kept his promise to his wife with his son, said it's time to rest, then returned to his home and began to rest. Just then, a stranger appeared at the door, all we knew about that stranger was that he had a hammer and could control thunder. We all realized at that moment that we would see Thor and Odin in the next game. As a matter of fact, it was so, our game is now included in Scandinavian mythology. Thanks to his mother, Atreus, who we understood to be a half-giant anyway, embarked on a new adventure with his father. According to the divination, spoilers are coming so be prepared, the person to start Ragnarok was none other than Atreus, aka. Loki. The sad part is that at the end of this divination, we would lose our War God Kratos. In fact, the story, to put it very simply, proceeds on this theme. Atreus doesn't want to be responsible for his father's death and turns things around relatively unaware of him. One more spoiler alert, communicating with dwarves, making new friends, traveling alone to Asgard, and searching for new giants are some of these unannounced jobs. Kratos, on the other hand, is already aware of the prophecy, focused on the task, but proceeds with the mentality that nothing should happen to Atreus, I must fully prepare him before anything happens to my son.

As the story progresses, we witness new developments. Freya, who wants to take revenge on Kratos who killed her son, attacks us at every opportunity at the beginning of the game, and at the end of the game she takes sides with us. In fact, the person who succeeded in this was none other than Atreus. As the work progresses, we go to different lands, do different tasks and look for different people. For example, another of these is Týr, the god of war in Norse mythology. Another spoiler warning, in fact, the person we thought was Tırsan, we later realized that Odin is coming out. This man, who is one of our most important trump cards to enter Asgard and start Ragnarok, turns out to be the spy in us. Things get faster from here. While trying to solve the mystery that Odin is after, he says every way is fair, neither the family nor the country. In this way, he listens to our plans at the same time. The last angered Kratos, dwarfs, giants, wizards and many others behind him, almost attacked in a "commander" manner. In short, it starts Ragnarok. We are the ones who will break the divination, the things we see do not have to be true, we will destroy this place, but we will not do anything to the innocent.

Towards the end of the work, another spoiler, their fight with Thor, who came to take revenge, and the speech he gave afterwards, is actually a proof of how well Kratos kept his promise to his son. “We can be better for our children.”. With the developments that followed, we reach our goal and start Ragnarok, or more accurately, we end Ragnarok. While doing this, we understand that a man who is infuriated evolves from a God of War to a father, that a young child behaves bravely 10 times his age and evolves into a man, that he can be a friend when we call him an enemy, or an enemy when we know him as a friend. As we understand this, we also change the prophecy. So what happens in the end? A picture of a happy family. A proud father and a boy who wants to go his own way.

Thank you Kratos, have a good trip Atre..sorry “Loki”.👋🏼

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