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Game News of the Week with ByNoGame 7'-14' November
Game News of the Week with ByNoGame 7'-14' November

Game News of the Week with ByNoGame 7'-14' November - What happened in the game world in the second week of November? 🤔🎮

Game News of the Week with ByNoGame 7'-14' November

What happened in the game world in the second week of November? 🤔🎮
07-11-2022 00:30

Hello dear players!👋🏽

This week, we are here to bring you brand-new news from the gaming world. This week, we will close the week by talking about the new Valorant patch, 3 new game announcements in partnership with Marvel and Electronic Arts, the game download from Steam, and finally the introduction and earlier than expected release of God of War Ragnarok. GG's to all of you! ✨

Valorant 5.09 Patch Notes

Are you having fun in part 3, part 5 that just started? 💥

With this part, when the 5.10 patch arrives, very exciting innovations will be waiting for you! This patch includes very minor changes and bug fixes. Here we will briefly mention some of the corrections made. Fixed some bugs in the new agent Harbor. Fixed a bug that caused Harbor's Cascade to disappear when looking the other way. Fixed a bug that prevented players passing through its barrier from being blinded at the desired distance.

Fixed a bug that caused the ability to not cancel when Agent Yoru was using the interdimensional transition. Fixed a bug where Sage was able to break through the barrier by squeezing herself into a corner with a wall. As we mentioned before, this patch only includes fixes to agent bugs. In the next patch, great surprises seem to be waiting for us. Get ready now! Here are the VPs you can use in Valorant with this patch! ⚡️

3 New Games Coming in Partnership with Marvel and Electronic Arts💥

A nice collaboration statement came from Electronic Arts and Marvel, which has an important place in the game and cinema universe! Electronic Arts and Marvel's partnership has officially begun. 3 new games come with this partnership! In addition to the recently introduced Ironman game, it is said that two games will be developed. Introduced in September, the Marvel game is being developed by Ironman Motive Studio. The production, which is based on the open world, is quite interesting. According to the statement from the companies, these partners have started preparing for two new games! It seems that one of the new games will most likely be The Black Panther game. Regardless of the MCU, we will continue to see games that tell their own story. The name of the third game is kept secret. It is said that this game is a new X-Men game. However, a clear statement has not yet been made. For now, get ready to look forward to these three games!😍🚀

Steam Sale✨

We are here with a new game discount! This week's discount was the legendary game with a Steam value of 149 TL! In a short time, the completely free game became Warhammer: Verminte 2! Released in 2018, the game pulls the player into an action storm from the very first moment! 🎮

It is perfect for you to have a pleasant time with your friends with its multiplayer structure that welcomes us to the world of Warhammer with an FPS perspective. To have the game for free, log in to the game's page by logging into your Steam account. Click the “Add to Account” button. Thus, the game will be in your library. An enjoyable gaming experience awaits you with your friends! Here are the wallet codes you need to shop securely on Steam other than this game! 🎟

God of War Ragnarok Released Earlier Than Expected!⚡

The last game of the God of War Ragnarok series continues to be on the agenda with its interesting developments! Santa Monica Studio director Cory Barlog allegedly started selling the game in some outlets 10 days before the release date! Barlog accuses these stores of being parasitic and foiling their plans. Making quite remarkable statements, Barlog announced that the new game will be available on November 9th. ✨ From November 9th, the game will be available globally! Barlog did not mention the names of the brands that announced the game 10 days ago. However, he also stated that there are serious leaks, including the end of the game. Alongside this, Sony also shared its introduction, which refers to the full father-son bond. Famous names such as Lebron James, John Travolta and Ben Stiller are accompanied by their children in the promotion. Last few days for the game with fun introduction! 🔥

This week, we shared with you the news of the leak with the Valorant patch notes, 3 new games in collaboration with Marvel and Electronic Arts, a Steam discount, and finally the introduction of God of War Ragnarok. Here you can find all the game content you need until we meet with brand new games next week!🙋🏽‍♂️

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