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Game News of the Week with ByNoGame 21'-28' November
Game News of the Week with ByNoGame 21'-28' November

Game News of the Week with ByNoGame 21'-28' November - What happened in the game world at the end of November?🤔

Game News of the Week with ByNoGame 21'-28' November

What happened in the game world at the end of November?🤔
22-11-2022 03:00

Hello ByNoGamer!👋🏼

We are here again this week with full of news! On our agenda are the record of God of War Ragnarok, which is finally out, the release date of Call of Duty Warzone 2, the weekly discount of the Epic Games Store and the official cookbook of God of War Ragnarok. Without waiting any longer, let's talk about this week's news.

God of War Ragnarok Breaks Record!

God of War Ragnarok, which has been highly anticipated for a long time and whose release has been postponed, has finally made its debut! The game, which started to make its competitors jealous in terms of sales, has already made the biggest debut of the series! The game, which broke the record for the best of all time on the first day of its release, surpassed the weekly sales of the other games in the series.

According to the sales data in the UK, the game, which made a big start, even surpassed its developer, Santa Monica Studio. According to the statement of the analysis firm GFK, the number of sales on the release day of the physical copy managed to exceed the first weekly sales number compared to the other games in the series. It was also reported that the PlayStation 5 version accounted for 55 percent of all PS5 games this week. Ragnarok is expected to exceed 25 million sales! What will happen in the future is unknown. However, it is a known fact that the game is already very popular.

CoD Warzone 2 Release Date Is Announced!

The release date of Warzone 2, which has been eagerly awaited for a long time and uses the mechanics of Modern Warfare 2, has been announced! Plus, it's preloaded! CoD Warzone, which is among those who follow the Battle Royale trend, which has become popular with PUBG, has attracted great attention with its renewed version. The sequel was eagerly awaited. It's been a month since Modern Warfare 2 was released. The production, which is liked by the gamers, comes to the fore with its online mode rather than its story. Although the price is a matter of discussion, Activision offers Warzone 2 to those who want to open the online mode.

Released to gameplay on November 16! You can buy the game for your computer via Activision's own application or Steam, for Xbox or PlayStation via the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Store. In addition, the Al Mazrah map in Modern Warfare 2 meets you in this game. Maps such as Al Bagra fort, Embassy, Sariff Bay are also waiting for you.

Epic Games Store Sale

A new weekly discount is also waiting for you. Two different games with a total value of 108 TL are waiting for you on the Epic Games Store! The first game is Evil Dead: The Game, worth 69 TL. Inspired by the popular series of the big screen, Evil Dead, the game offers you a multiplayer survival experience. While escaping from the terrible killer who is after you, you have to try to defeat him and save your life. If you are looking for something to play with your friends, you are in the right place. 

The second game is Dark Deity, in this game we combine the role-playing and turn-based strategy genre with an engaging story and characters. The fate of the whole world is in your hands in the game where you can get out of the ancient evils by forming your own team. You can have these games for free for a week. Hurry, take your place in both worlds!

Want to Eat Like Kratos?

While God of War Ragnarok has taken the game world captive, we have news that will make your stomachs happy! With the God of War licensed cookbook, you can try the tastes of Scandinavian lands at home. You can also eat like Kratos. Have you ever wondered what Kratos and Atreus ate and drank during their journey? Neither Ragnarok nor the game of the series released in 2018 give us a clue about this. We will all have the opportunity to see and taste what these two characters, who have only eaten together at the same table once, are actually eating with the recipe book that comes out!

In this cookbook, which also carries the license of the game, you will see the most delicious dishes of the nine realms. You will also see how the recipes in the book fit into this universe and what they are inspired by. If you try this book, which contains many recipes from simple snacks to the feast of the gods, don't forget to share it with us!

This week, we talked about the record that God of War Ragnarok broke with the release of the game, CoD Warzone 2 release, the weekly discount of the Epic Games Store, and finally the cookbook of God of War Ragnarok.

You can find all the game products and games you need here until we see new news next week! 🔥

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