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Fortnite's New Frontier

Fortnite's New Frontier

Mastering Reality Augments in Chapter 4, Season 4
13-09-2023 13:50

Gear up, Fortnite fanatics! Just when you thought the game couldn't get more thrilling, Epic Games amps it up with the return of Reality Augments. Unveiled for the first time last season, these game-changing "perks" are back to spice up your Battle Royale gameplay in Chapter 4, Season 4. Let's dive into the nitty-gritty of what these perks are, how to unlock them, and what they do.

What Are Reality Augments?

Reality Augments are essentially in-game "power-ups" that have been featured since the advent of Chapter 4. Designed to fine-tune your combat experience, these augments provide targeted boosts that can be activated during matches. Whether you’re aiming to be the team medic, the tactical genius, or the rampaging warrior, Reality Augments have got you covered.

How to Collect and Use Reality Augments

Eager to load up on these perks? The formula is simple: Stay alive. The longer you endure, the more Reality Augments you accumulate throughout a match. However, there's a catch—you can only activate up to four perks at any given time. Once you've made your selection, these perks are your sidekicks till the round's end.
And if Lady Luck isn't on your side with the randomly assigned augments, you can always re-roll your options using in-game gold bars. Remember, at the match's conclusion, these perks are wiped clean, setting the stage for your next Battle Royale.

Reality Augments Unveiled: A Quick Rundown

Combat Boosters:

  • Quickload: Speed up Light Ammo weapon reloads.
  • Marksman Mastery: Reduced recoil on Marksman Rifles.
  • Final Burst: Boost damage on last 3 SMG bullets.
  • Vanguard Shot: First bullet in Assault Rifles packs extra punch.
  • LifeSteal Sniper: Gain health with successful sniper shots.
  • Power Shells: Increase first-shot damage on shotguns (excludes headshots).
  • Heavy Hitter: Pistols shoot slower but hit harder.
  • Sniper+: Extra ammo for your sniper rifles.

Game Changers:

  • Rarity Reward: Earn health bonuses on eliminations with low-tier weapons.
  • Mud Regen: Heal and shield up while in or coated with mud.

Mobility & Scouting:

  • Rail Rush: Gain speed boosts on grind vines, rails, and ziplines.
  • Tank Mode: Improved vehicle health and fuel efficiency indoors.
  • Loot Scout: Gain mobility items instantly, more from containers.
  • Weather Runner: Less stamina drain during tactical sprints, even more so in storms.

Looting Buffs:

  • Key Keeper: Double keys for Holo-Chests.
  • Ammo Finder: Gain medium ammo instantly and find more in containers.
  • Swim & Loot: Swim faster and auto-loot fishing holes.
  • Bonus Ammo: Extra ammo on eliminations.
Stay tuned, as this is just the beginning. Expect new Reality Augments to emerge as the season unfolds, and we'll keep you updated with all the exciting additions.
So, ready to turn the tides of your Fortnite battles with these new Reality Augments? The new season is young and the possibilities are endless!
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