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Ecological Friday 🌱

Ecological Friday 🌱

Use digital products for a clean world!
24-11-2022 12:00

As ByNoGame, we continue to carry out our Ecological Friday awareness project, which we carried out in order to draw attention to environmental pollution and the climate crisis, this year as well. Because we know that we need to take action to create a more livable environment.

The Black Friday culture, which has entered our lives in recent years, unfortunately causes millions of wastes to pollute nature due to the fast consumption approach it process. So, while we are increasing our carbon footprint every day, can we fulfill for the damage we have done to nature?

Within the scope of the Ecological Friday campaign, which we launched to draw attention to the Black Friday week and the damage it causes to the environment, we have mentioned in previous years that the digital products we offer do not create waste and do not cause any harm to the environment.

This year, as in previous years, we continue to demonstrate our reaction to waste and unnecessary consumption. 🥳

In order to support the Ecological Friday movement, in which we emphasize that digital products do not have any waste, you can also turn to digital alternatives in consumption and benefit from the big ByNoGame campaign

With the code "EKOCUMA", you can use your 30 TL discount code for your shopping over 300 TL!

 Love, good games 😊👊✌️❤️


Campaign Terms

🌱Ecological Friday Campaign will end on 25 November 2022 00.01 architect, 27 November 2022 23.59.

🌱 For your shopping of 300 TL or more, you can activate the code in your shopping cart.

🌱Every user can participate in the campaign one time.

🌱 You can not use this coupon for; Support (Donate), BNG Gift Coupon, KO Cash and Premium category purchases.

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