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The Countdown Begins: EA Sports' UFC 5

The Countdown Begins: EA Sports' UFC 5

Everything You Need to Know About EA Sports' UFC 5
12-09-2023 12:30

Martial arts enthusiasts, get ready to bring your best fight to the digital arena. EA Sports has finally pulled back the curtain on UFC 5, and the energy is electric! After an anticipation-building hiatus following the release of UFC 4 in August 2020, we now have the full scoop on the upcoming game, including its release timeline, pricing structures, and irresistible pre-order incentives.

The Wait is Almost Over: UFC 5’s Release Timeline
Brace yourselves, as UFC 5 is launching on October 27 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S. For those who go for the deluxe Digital Deluxe package, you can start throwing punches as early as October 24, courtesy of a 3-day Early Access privilege. Fingers crossed that EA Sports has upped their game this time around, especially after the ad fiasco marring UFC 4's initial gameplay experience.

Pre-Order Packages: Deluxe Versus Standard
EA Sports is offering gamers two options for pre-order: the Standard Edition, priced at $70, and the more elaborate Deluxe Edition, which will set you back $100. Let's dive into what each edition has in store for you.

Standard Edition: Your Ticket to the Basics

  • Base Game: Yes
  • Alter Egos: Included
  • 30th Anniversary Vanity Bundle: Yes
  • Career Mode XP Boosts (x5): Included
Deluxe Edition: For the Ultra-Fanatic

  • Base Game: Absolutely
  • Alter Egos: You Bet
  • 30th Anniversary Vanity Bundle: Included
  • Career Mode XP Boosts (x5): Yep
  • Bonus Fighters (Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson): Yes
  • Exclusive Add-Ons: Fedor Emelianenko, Bruce Lee Bundle, Origins Bundle
  • 3-Day Early Access: Start Fighting Early
Is Early Access Worth the Hype?

You might find yourself tempted to bemoan the trend of Early Access. However, for hardcore fans, those extra three days might just be the clincher that tips the scales in favor of the Deluxe Edition.

To Pre-Order or Not to Pre-Order?
Considering the range of extras you get with the Deluxe Edition, it's pretty obvious that EA is catering to the game's most ardent fans. The early access, exclusive fighters, and specialized bundles make the $100 price tag seem like a steal if you're a UFC aficionado.
So whether you're a casual gamer just looking to experience the raw power and tactics of mixed martial arts or a die-hard fan itching to dive deep into the enhanced features, EA Sports' UFC 5 has something for everyone. The octagon is almost ready; are you?
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