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Gearing Up for EA Sports FC 24

Gearing Up for EA Sports FC 24

Your Ultimate Guide to FIFA 23 Pre-Season Perks
10-09-2023 13:50

We're just weeks away from the monumental release of EA Sports FC 24, and the excitement in the gaming community is palpable. But before you take that giant leap into the future of football simulation, there's still a final chapter unfolding in FIFA 23—The Pre-Season. Here's your go-to guide to raking in transferable rewards that will give you a running start in the upcoming FC 24 edition.

Gearing Up for EA Sports

FIFA 23 Pre-Season: What's the Buzz?
We're at the tail-end of FIFA 23, and EA Sports has chosen to bow out with a grand finale. The Pre-Season event, the last promotion in FIFA 23's Ultimate Team (FUT), is essentially your bridge to the first season of FC 24. And let's not forget the icing on the cake: the new FC 24 will feature women players, adding another layer to an already riveting experience.

Mark Your Calendars: Key Dates
The FIFA 23 Pre-Season got off to a rousing start on September 1, shortly after the closure of the FIFA 22 Pre-Season on August 18. Meanwhile, FC 24 is slated to make its grand entrance on October 12, 2023. You've got until then to seize as many rewards as possible, which you'll have until November 12, 2023, to claim in FC 24.

A Cornucopia of Rewards: What Can You Expect?
The Pre-Season offers a diverse range of rewards that will carry over into FC 24, encompassing everything from Packs and Consumables to Loan Items and Coin Boosts. However, note that the packs are specifically for FUT 23 and will not transfer to FC 24.
And that's not all—EA Sports is bringing back a selection of top-rated cards in their Best-Of Batch 1. Keep your fingers crossed for the return of Messi and Ronaldo cards before their anticipated downgrade in FC 24!

Gearing Up for EA Sports

Optimize Your Strategy: Weekly Objectives & SBCs

Week 2
The "Join the Club II" objectives are a must-complete and expire on September 15. Tackle these objectives by scoring in separate Squad Battle matches with a minimum of 6 players from specific nations to earn coveted Player Picks.
Pro Tip: Just kick-off, net a goal, and let the match run its course while you go about your day. Work smarter, not harder!
Completing the New Era II SBC thrice will shower you with:

  • 2 Rare Gold Player Pack
  • Base Hero Loan Pack (5 matches)
  • Coin Boost (1000 coins for 5 matches)
Week 3
The "Join the Club I" objectives offer an 83+ x5 Players Pack and an 84+ x3 Players Pack, another compelling reason to get in the game.
So, are you ready to extract the most from FIFA 23's Pre-Season and transition smoothly into EA Sports FC 24? Keep your eyes on the prize, and let the games begin!
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