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Did you know these? | 9 Informations About Valorant

Did you know these? | 9 Informations About Valorant

We have compiled informations that will be useful to you.
24-11-2022 05:00

In this news, we will include 9 informations that will refresh you about Valorant, which almost everyone loves to play. With these informations, maybe you can learn a lot of things about the game that you didn't know before. 💥

1) Being behind the walls is not so safe!

First, we'll start by saying that you're not very safe behind walls in the game. Bullets pass through many walls in Valorant. This means that you can die behind the wall where you are hiding.

2) Try different angles!
Our next info, did you know that Sage's wall not only helps to close an area but also helps to elevate yourself in certain areas? By catching different angles from the boosted wall, you can surprise your opponent and easily defeat your enemies.

3) Use your time well
Our third piece of information is, did you know that it takes 4 seconds to plant a bomb in Valorant and the Spike you set up explodes after exactly 45 seconds?

4) Give importance to team solidarity

As we continue to share information about Valorant, our next knowledge is that you can break the Sage wall more easily with Raze's schedule ability. Instead of spending your bullets to break Sage's wall, you can get help from the Raze in your team. The schedule ability, which allows you to bounce the Raze agent, helps Sage break the wall more quickly if it touches his wall.

5) Always start the tour prepared!

In the game, you can have two pistols, one Shorty and one Classic, during the round. This method, which is generally used when two pistols lose rounds, provides many advantages. After you buy a shorty, put it down and take the classic pistol in your hand. When the round starts, you will have two weapons that you can use. Thus, you will have an extra right to win the round.

6) Watch out for Viper's acid wall!
If you pull the Viper's acid wall down and throw it low, your wall will not progress on the map. Viper's wall has a certain distance. If you throw the wall without looking up, either the wall cannot be thrown, or it becomes almost unusable because it will be thrown into a small area.

7) 7 seconds rule on Spike!

You have 7 seconds to neutralize the Spike. You can disable the Spike in two parts. So by halving the spike, you can destroy the other half by continuing from where you left off without starting over.

8) Neutralize the opponent
KAY/O's suppressor blade can render many abilities unusable. It also completely cancels the agents' ultimates. Nothing can be used as long as the blade is effective.
9) Fine detail in ability use
Finally, in some maps, you cannot use your skills on the ropes used to move from one place to another. However, you can shoot wherever you want with your gun while using the ropes. Your bullets may not go very accurately on the ropes.

In this article, we have included some refreshing information you need to know on Valorant

Here are the VPs you need until we meet in our next post! ⚡️

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