How to Participate?
10.000 BNG
1000 BNG
100 BNG
10 BNG
10.000 WINNERS
How to Redeem Prizes?
You can shop on the website with the credits you redeemed.
dilediğiniz gibi alışveriş yapabilirsiniz!
Terms and Rules of Participation and Drawing Results

1) Every 100TL spending that has been done between 1 December 2017 00:00 and 31 December 2017 16:00, will automatically be converted to 1 new year lottery ticket. You can see your ticket at bynogame.com/ben/yilbasi.
You don’t have obligation to pay 100TL at once, you can pay piece by piece transaction until 31 December.
Example: You bought a product for 40 TL, then you bought another product for 60 TL. You will get 1 ticket because your total transaction is 100 TL.

2) Participation is free and automatic, and the right to refuse gifts of unwanted members is reserved.

3) Results will be announced at bynogame.com and Twitch.tv on 31 December 2017 at 16:00.

4) One out of every 10 tickets will hit 5 BNG (5 TL).
10.000 tickets will win 5 BNG (5 TL)
1.000 tickets will win 10 BNG (10 TL)
100 tickets will win 100 BNG (100 TL)
10 person will win 1.000 BNG (1.000 TL)
1 person will win 10.000 BNG (10.000 TL)

5) Amounts that you earned will be added to your account as a bonus, BNG (TL) can be converted to a site balance* and can only be used for shopping on the web site. Balance can not be withdraw.

6) Our 2 and 3th group dealers who own an internet cafe can also benefit from this campaign. Only our e-commerce merchants can not benefit from this drawing.

7) When more than one prize is awarded in a draw, only the highest award will be valid. Lower prizes can not be awarded.

8) There is also a special requirement for awards of only TL 10,000 and TL 1,000. Users who won the awards have to announce an publish thank you note to ByNoGame on their social media accounts(Facebook,İnstagram,Twitch or Google+). Winner who dont fulfill this request, will not be awarded.

9) ByNoGame reserves the right to terminate your right to withdraw your prize and to cancel any awards you have earned, if there are negative written notices that affect your contest participants before or after the drawing through social media accounts or ByNoGame site.

10) ByNoGame Customer Service Support Line, 0850 600 00 30, is not required to provide information about this draw. The right to use the initiative is reserved.

11) ByNoGame employees can not participate in this draw.

12) ByNoGame reserves the right to change the lottery rules and gift amounts. You agree to the terms of your participation in the campaign. ByNoGame can not be held responsible. * Until the date of 28.02.2018 it is necessary to spend, unused bonuses and TL's will not be used after this date.

13) You can only win 3 tickets by donating.


Question : Can I win a ticket for the products I bought before December 1, 2017 ?
Answer : You can only earn tickets for purchases between December 1, 2017 00:00 and December 31, 2017 16:00.

Question : Where can i see my tickets ?
Answer : you can check your ticket at bynogame.com/ben/yilbasi.

Question : Where can i learn if i won or not if i miss the live election ?
Answer : Results will be announced at bynogame.com/ben/yilbasi christmas night on 31 December 2017

Question : Can i send a gift ticket to my friends ?
Answer : No. Only the accounts that shop at ByNoGame can win ticket.

Question : Can i earn ticket by dotating to streamers ?
Answer : Yes. You can earn ticket by donating to streamers.

Question : I have CS:Go skin worth 100TL or i already have 100 TL in my BNG wallet, Can i buy ticket ?
Answer : In order to gain a ticket, first you need to sell your skin to ByNoGame and then shop 100TL worth in ByNoGame. There is no direct ticket sale.

Question : How can I gain a ticket rather than shopping ?
Answer : You can follow publishers who are sponsored by ByNoGame. The publishers that we sponsor will distribute tickets by drawing through twitch.tv.

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