Point Blank NG Cash

Point Blank NG Cash


Buy Point Blank TG with ByNoGame assurance, have the best character in Point Blank!

The opportunity to receive the Point Blank 900 TG, 1800 TG, 4500 TG, 10400 TG and 21000 TG at the best prices quickly and safely is at ByNoGame.

Fiyat: 5 TL

Fiyat: 10 TL

Fiyat: 25 TL

Fiyat: 55 TL

Fiyat: 110 TL

How to Redeem NG Cash


1) Log in to https://pb.tamgame.com// with your username and password.

2) Click I Want to Install TG via Buy.


3) Choose E-Pin.


4) After typing the E-pin and password you received via ByNoGame, click Continue. Your code upload will be completed.



About the Game

POINT BLANK -aka- Piercing Blow

Choose your team, grab your weapon and join this exciting battle!

This is an online FPS game with fast-paced action, thrilling shooting effects, and quicker response times. 
The epic battles, intense combat and amazing visual impact will put you in the middle of the action and challenge your skills at a whole new level. 
Lock and load!

Every map is carefully crafted to provide Operators fully immersive experiences. With lifelike characters and destructible environments, Piercing Blow raises the bar for immersion of MMO shooters. 
To gain the edge and destroy your enemies, shoot through barriers to take out hiding enemies, deploy explosives, calculate ballistics, 
and utilize the changing environment! 

Need a quicker route? Make your own! Destroyable architectures allow you to create your own optimized route and combat zone to gain a tactical advantage. As the environment changes, the Operators need to adapt tactics to each unique situation to survive. 


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