Metin2 EP Coupon E-Pin

Metin2 EP Coupon E-Pin

Dragon money is only valid in Turkey.

Buy Metin2 Dragon Money with ByNoGame assurance, gain an advantage in battle!

Fiyat: 6 5.65 TL

Fiyat: 12 11.3 TL

Fiyat: 30 28.2 TL

Fiyat: 60 56.75 TL

Fiyat: 150 141 TL

Fiyat: 300 282 TL

How To Use E-Pin

1. Log in to 

2. Click on Load EP 

3. Click on Redeem EP 

Enter your key code here. 
Key code:
Check code.


4. Copy/paste key code into KEY CODE box.

5. Now click on CHECK CODE. Your Dragon Cash is uploaded.

Sample E-Pin: Gameforge 3 Euro Key: 92A6-AE37-94AE-E7E6-646C

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About Game

How can I play Metin2?

Please visit the official game web site to register: METIN2

How can I download Metin2?

Please use this link to download: Download Metin2

Metin2 - First Steps

1. Sign Up

If you have not registered with Metin2 yet, you can do this at the top of the page. Just enter your desired user name, your email address, a password of your choice and confirm that you have read the terms and conditions. After a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email that will contain a link. Follow the instructions of the email to activate your account.

2. Download and install

Download the game software in the download section of our page. A double click on the setup document will start the installation. Then choose a place on your PC setup where you would like Metin2 to be installed.

3. Start Metin2

After you have installed the game, you will see the Metin2 symbol on your desktop. Additionally there will be an entry for Metin2 in the Windows start menu. Double click on the desktop symbol or choose an option from the start menu, to start the game. When necessary, Metin2 will up-date itself automatically to the newest version of the game, which may take several minutes.

After the up-date you can fill in your account details and choose a game server. Subsequently you will have to choose from one of the three kingdoms and will then be able to create a character. Remember, that you can only use each character in the server in which you created it.

Please visit the official web site for TUTORIALS.


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