You can purchase WolfTeam Cash with the ByNoGame assurance and have various weapons and costumes in the game.

Fiyat: 3.25 TL

Fiyat: 5.9 TL

Fiyat: 11.8 TL

Fiyat: 15.05 TL

Fiyat: 23.6 TL

Fiyat: 35.4 TL

Fiyat: 59 TL

Fiyat: 94.4 TL

Fiyat: 118 TL

How to Redeem JoyCash

1. Enter www.joygame.com 

2. Click on Charge Joycash

3. Choose Activate E-pin.

4. Insert your code into the box and click on Send.

5. Once your Joycash is loaded, click on My Wallet. Transfer your Joycash to any game money of your choice.

1. You need to be registered to Joygame for charging JoyCash. 

2. Subscribe, sign in and click on Charge Joycash

3. Click on Charge Joycash


4. Choose "E-Pin.


5. Insert your E-pin code into the designated area.  

6. Click on Send.


7. Now all you need to do is to transfer your JP’s into in-game cash. Click My Wallet from upper left menu. 

6. Value of your vallet is stated at the top. 

Choose your game. Click on Converted JC button and chose the amount you wish to transfer. Check second colomn to see the value of 1000Jp for each game. 

Once you chose the amount of JC to convert, your Game Cash Value and Remaining JC will be displayed automatically. 

Click on Enter to complete the transaction. That’s all. You have charged your JoyCash and already used it for your games. Now all you have to do is to enjoy your game play!

About the Game


Scientists were working on a cure to an epidemic desease when they discovered that some humans DNA is different from others. When they proceeded with their researches, they found out that the DNA structure of these individuals is similar to wolves. Human carrying this DNA had enforced physical strength.
The pharmacautical company Pfien was observing this resarch closely and they developed the medication "Epoxyn" to stop this transformation.

But what if we don’t want to be cured? Who doesn’t want to be invincible?

What if we are normal?

Soon "Anti-Epoxyn" was created. It was sold on the black market and was used to alter normal human DNA. Anti-Epoxyn changed military and civil life on earth for ever. "Wolfteam" was established in addition to regular military forces but they were slipping more and more out of control...

It was all to the best of humanity.

But now all is in their claws. 

The beginning of a new era...

The never ending battle of blood thirsty werewolfs and humans. Werewolves fight individually and in teams. They are armed with technologic weapons and mystical powers. Several mode options, magical powers, unique maps and impressive visiual effects will provide you a breathtaking game experience!

Hunting season is on...


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