All BigPoint e-pins are on ByNoGame, Turkey’s largest and most secure e-pin site.

Fiyat: 1.55 TL

Fiyat: 6 TL

Fiyat: 6.8 TL

Fiyat: 10.8 TL

Fiyat: 12.5 TL

Fiyat: 15.5 TL

Fiyat: 16.3 TL

Fiyat: 18.7 TL

Fiyat: 21.9 TL

Fiyat: 24.5 TL

Fiyat: 25.9 TL

Fiyat: 43 TL

Fiyat: 49.9 TL

Fiyat: 55 TL

Fiyat: 59.9 TL

Fiyat: 64 TL

Fiyat: 70 TL

Fiyat: 300 TL

Fiyat: 325 TL

How to Redeem E-Pin

1. Log in into DarkOrbit page and click on Uridium.
2. Click on Upload to My Account.
3. Choose the E-Pin according to your Uridium
Click on E-Pin picture.
5. Enter the E-Pin you bought into the box. You can copy/past for convenience.
6. Click on Confirm.



How to upload Premium

 Log in into DarkOrbit page.

Click on Uridium

Click on Premium Members.

Click on product name. 

Add product and click on Cash Out.

Click on E-Pin on next page.

Enter your code and click on Buy Now. 

About Dark Orbit

An amazing adventure and exciting moments are waiting for you in Dark Orbit! You have to destroy all threads in order to support your company for dominating the Universe.

Gather raw material and give your enemies a hard time!


DarkOrbit is not like other space games you played. Dark Orbit is a war game played in Multiplayer mode where you will experience excitement and adventure.

Choose one of 10 spaceships, load your equipment and weapon and explore the space for raw material while destroying enemies!

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