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Pirate Storm

Fiyat: 51.57 TL


How to Redeem E-Pin

  1. Log in into eu4.piratestorm.bigpoint.com/  with your account.
  2. Choose Payment from upper catagory.
  3. Choose your Product and click on Cash Out.
  4. Click on E-Pin payment opiton.
  5. Enter your code and click on Buy Now.  

About Pirate Storm

The Amazing Pirate Game: PIRATE STORM! 

It’s time to get to work. An ancient pirate adventure is waiting for you. 
Start your own adventure on internet. Fire your harpoons and turn sea monsters into fish bait. Barry your enemy into the sea and show him the power of your canon balls. Destroy him until there is nothing left but a wrack. All is allowed on the way to gold and victory. 

You can fight against the computer or real rivals. Start as a newb pirate and gain fame on wild waters. Fight until you becoma a scary pirate known for his cruelty and gather rewards. 

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