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What is ByNoGame Donate (Donation)?

It is a great movement by Turkey’s biggest gamer-friendly shopping website to SUPPORT streamers.

Our Slogan is “ No Chargeback, No Fees, No Bullshit!”

No Chargeback: For the donations via PayPal, the person donating used to issue a chargeback for the donation he/she sent which caused a bad reputation for you on the side of PayPal. Yet, he/she did flaunt during your stream to everybody and to you by sending a large number of donations. Unfortunately, you were deceived! But here is the good news: there is No Chargeback for ByNoGame Donate anymore!

No Fees: No Fees which used to be at least 1 EURO per transaction for foreign payment methods!

No Bullshit: No Bullshit to keep you from supporting your favorite streamer.

Registering for ByNoGame and donating to your favorite streamer is now very easy. Because ByNoGame’s 40+ employees are working 24/7, supporting you and solving your problems. Users can choose any payment method amongst tens and can deposit with a credit card, Initial, Param Card, and Papara. ByNoGame, Turkey’s biggest gamer network with over 2 million members! That takes the cake, go on and support your favorite streamer by donating now!

How to Create a ByNoGame Donate Link?

Very easy! Sign in to your ByNoGame account and follow these three steps.

↓   Here is how to do it:   

  • Enter your stream link (e.g. twitch.tv/wtcn)
  • Enter your stream name or nickname as Display Name (e.g. Ferit "wtcN" Karakaya)
  • Select the minimum donation amount for messages to appear during the stream
  • Set your preferences (we recommend the smooth one: Streamelements)

Attention! Do not close any of these pages! If you do, your application will be canceled.

Log in to the platform you are streaming through and connect your social links (Twitch, YouTube, or Facebook)


On the next page, click the "Authorize" button and wait for the transaction to be completed (20-30 seconds)


Finally when you are forwarded to the application page, don’t do anything. The system will proceed automatically (approx. 2-3 minutes). Just listen to a classical song :) Then your ByNoGame Donate Link will be ready. 👊🏻 ❤️

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