Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy



In Bynogame® it is our principal to provide a secure internet environment for our registered users. Therefore, we provided our members with various privacy rights in order to make them feel more comfortable.

a)ByNoGameonly sends obligatory membership service e-mailsto the registered e-mail addresses of its members for membership activation, password reminding, e-mail security password and change of membership e-mail.
Other than these, it sends e-mails such as promotion, survey and advertisement and notification SMS messages to its membersonly if the user has given permission to do so. Users can determine these permissions during their membership enrollment by checking boxes and after their enrollment by visiting the "Membership Details" page.

b) Bynogame®membership information and personal information that you provide your consent, except in the User Agreement’ as defined in the external, and the other members will not be offered to third parties. However, this information is Bynogame® within the site itself, customer profiles and to determine the statistical work to do in order to be used.

c) all of the information you enter in the System, Bynogame®, except and only you can access them only when you can change it. A member or other User of the services to access information about you, and it is not possible to change them.

d) during Registration you are required personal information, except compulsory ones, the ones you want within your initiative Bynogame®you can report it. Bynogame®choose to provide information and you will not, if you do not have to fill in these spaces.

e) You have configured for our mobile phone activation, ip stabilization and input the ip si-keeping operations, such as please note that Bynogame® customers to shop safely are intended to provide. Example : enter your Id number. User TC here Identification with the given algorithm can write a similar response. Banks you asked; her maiden name of your Mother enter ? The answer to the question, or only the password a password is the duality of information and the first to the bank as even after you save if you forget with the same information you can execute your transactions. (This answer is actually your mother’s surname before marriage-even if Bynogame® here with the questions asked by the user’s real hidden understand the problem, never the goal as soon as they have. This Privacy Policy and information encryption method by Bynogame employees, even if it cannot access. Our site contains information/information Hacker Safe - McAfee SECURE hd is protected. Bynogame this information you shared with any institution guarantees that. Here is a real information instead of entering a deceptive write a response, for users who are not suffer from the problems to be Bynogame® be held responsible.

f) Bynogame® that the articles in the convention, reserves the right to change. This agreement arising out of any conflict in the Courts and Execution offices in Izmir. Service in terms of our User specified in our Contract

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