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How Can I Add Funds to My Account?

Please click on PAYMENT OPTIONS for more information about payment methods. You can use the same link for your payment notifications.

The amount will be added to your account within 5 minutes.

How Can I Purchase from ByNoGame®?

First SIGN UP to ByNoGame.

Choose your items and add them to your Shopping Cart. Check total amount to pay and use one of our Payment Options to process payment.

Now you can check out from your Shopping Cart and take delivery of your order on My Orders page. 

How Can I Sign Up to BynoGame®?

ByNoGame® offers free of charge membership with your e-mail address: SIGN UP

Please fill in all required fields. SIGN UP


GB Prices are Varying, How Can ByNoGame® Help Me to Purchase at the Best Rate?

You want to buy certain products and you do not wish to encounter any unpleasant surprises with suddenly increasing prices? That’s where ®ezerve kicks in. Add your product to the shopping cart and click ®eserve button. Your purchasing price is fixed for 1 hour. You are protected against price increases and will be able to buy at the reserved price. And it just gets better… If prices drop, you will be able to use the cheaper rate. The countdown has started, make your payment within 1 hour and purchase your product at the price you have reserved.

Can I shop in fractional amounts and what is the minimum GB quantity that I can purchase?

There is a minimum purchasing limit for Game Money.

For Knight Online (USKO): Minimum 1 unit = 1 GB

For Metin2 Yang:              Minimum 1 Unit = 10 M

These are the minimum amounts you can buy. However, you CAN buy in fractional amounts, i.e. 1,6GB

How Can I Change My E-Mail?

If you are here for Knight Online, please follow the steps below to change your E-Mail address. For all the other games you can contact our live support.

1) Sign in to https://portal.nttgame.com/Index with your User Name and Password and click on My Account. 

2) Click on the Change E-Mail tab and enter your User Name (ID) and Password.

3) A confirmation mail will be sent to you. Please click on the confirmation link provided.

4) A new page will be displayed. Please enter your new E-Mail address into both spaces and click on Submit. 

5) Your E-Mail address has been changed successfully. 


How Can I Reset My VIP Vault Key?

Please follow below steps to reset your VIP Vault Key:

Sign in into https://portal.nttgame.com/


1) Go to My Acount tab. 

2) Click on Reset VIP Key on the left menu. 

3) Enter your User Name and Password.

4) Check your mailbox for the confirmation mail.

5) You will be directed to the official web site by clicking on the provided link 

6) Your VIP Key has been reset. You can now enter into your account and set a new VIP Vault Key. 

How many goldbars will I purchase when I transfer 100 €/$ to your account? "Purchase as much as my balance"

You can purchase by typing quantity (as much as you want) to Blue Bucket OR you can purchase by unfilling "quantity" line and clicking Blue Bucket to purchase as much as your balance.
System will ask you how much money would you like to purchase. (for example, 100 euro/dolar). Please note that you can purchase 1 goldbar minimum.


**You have to sign in your account.

**All of the game moneys are valid in their own category. (GB, M2 Yang,Cabal ALZ Karahan, SRO Gold, Silver, money, etc. )

Can I make a payment at this very moment? (Sunday evening 22:30)

You can add funds to your wallet at any day of the week, any time of the day (7/24).

ByNoGame® is almost never offline. Whether it’s holidays, New Year’s Eve, weekend or Sunday; you can contact our Live Support and Payment Notification EVERY DAY between 09:00 AM - 01:00 AM and take delivery of E-pins and GB. 

How will I take delivery of my order? Gold Bar – Game Money

ADD your products to your Shopping Cart.

Click on BUY.

Read the displayed CONFIRMATION PAGE carefully. The system will guide you further. When you are ready click OK and wait for delivery.

Location of delivery:  Titan, Destan, Gaia, Piana (2), all the other servers (1) Folk Village.

ByNoGame® does NEVER contact you by PM. Do not chat with anyone in the game. Cheaters may try to scam you. Please block your PM.

Scammers may contact you via PM and ask for the return of delivered GB. DO NOT give back your GB to anyone.

The system will apply automatic discounts to all purchases above 10 – 20 – 40 - 80 Goldbars.

Enter the quantity you wish to buy into the Quantity box and click on the Blue Bucket.


Enter the amount you want to spend into the Amount box and mark “Lira” box for purchasing with a certain amount of money.

Please note that the minimum purchase amount is 1 Goldbar.

1 GB : 100.000.000 Coins (Noah)

Location of delivery: Near the Folk Village Bank

Please set up a merchant. Once you are ready, buy by entering your nickname (case sensitive).

Deliveries above 21GB: Please set up a merchant for 20GB first. You can receive remaining balance by setting up a new merchant after stocking 20 gb to the bank.

For purchases above 42GB, please log in with your side character. You can confirm your other character’s nick through Live Support or SEND MESSAGE from My Orders page.

How to get to Folk Village? You can get there by foot or by using the teleportation gates at Moradon.

DO NOT click OK unless you have read all the above information and made sure that your character is ready.

ByNoGame® cannot not be held responsible or liable for any damage, loss, cost, expense or inconvenience that may occur during the process. By clicking the OK button you confirm to have read and understood the Terms of Use agree to all terms and conditions.

How can I get in Folk Village?

You can get there by foot or by using the teleportation gates at Moradon.



How do I trade or sell to you?

You can sell your Game Money to us and buy any other product from another server or from our web site (TRADE).

You can put your products into use, switch between servers and use the game money you gain for Premium upgrade. To do so please SIGN UP and contact us through Live Support.

(Please note: ByNoGame® will contact you solely through Live Support. DO NOT chat with anybody in the game. Do not let ANYBODY guide you. ByNoGame® will never chat with you in the game.)

Submit your Game Money - your account will be credited with the relevant amount.


ByNoGame®  wishes you a good game. 

ByNoGame Live Support