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 Haberler    Haber   Multiplayer Live Press Release 

 First time in Turkey a gaming platform has became third in the trend topic list worldwide. "Multiplayer" tv shows producers which is being published every friday with great sucess, has hosted all gamers for 24 hours in 7-8 December. They previously hosted worldwide famous game producer IGN. 16 streamers were together in this show while being watched by 150.000 household individually. Murat Kosova joined the World of Warcraft part of the show also. #multiplayerlive hashtag was second in Turkey and third worldwide with a great success.

14 games were played by 16 different streamers in this event.

Multiplayer Live etkinliğinde 16 yayıncı dönüşümlü olarak 14 farklı oyun oynadı.



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